I have a question for you.  “Are you willing to have an experience of your heart and not create a story?”

Let’s talk about the true nature of the energetic heart. What really is it’s purpose in your life as a human being? Could it be the main thing that defines being a human?

I would say so. For the heart has only one purpose in your life and that is to feel.

It rests silently waiting to feel the next experience you have on this plane. It feels the energy of the situation and passes it through your body, giving life to your being and dream.

What it does not do is judge or label the feeling as good, bad, painful, joyful, hateful, one it wants to feel again or not. It does not compare or have a need to understand.  It does not create a story around the feeling or block it from your mind in hope that it will never happen again.  Nor does it go on a search for love or become addicted to a pattern of immediate gratification.

In my Toltecnology program the heart is viewed as and explain as follows.  There are two side to the heart.  The masculine strength of heart and the feminine vulnerable/receptive heart. When united they create the dance of life, and you are in the true seat of your power.

The masculine side is there to protect and serve the feminine side. It is not there to oppress, block or control the outcome. It stands up for what is in your highest and best interest and when empowered in its true nature; stands for something bigger than self.  The architype of the warrior.

The feminine vulnerable/receptive side is there to experience life, to receive. It is connected to the energetic heart of Gaia, the mother earth. But just imagine if I was to suggest to you that you must always walk through life in a state of vulnerability. What fears and logic immediately flood your mind?

The ancient Toltecs looked at the roll of the heart as such.  The masculine takes the action that is guided by the wisdom and creative force of the feminine.  So the masculine goes out into the world chops wood and gathers water.  The feminine lets the masculine know when enough wood has been chopped and enough water has been gathered.  So as not to deplete the resources and squander the bounty.  Can you see how we are living in a world right now that has these separated and out of balance?

But let’s realize the true nature of who we really are.  As a child we walked through life open hearted (vulnerable). New experiences came our way, we grew from them and kept expanding into life’s great mystery. Along the way things happened that were painful, and we brushed them off and eagerly stood up and continued on.  But eventually we began to notice how those around us were handling life. We were being domesticated to do the same as mom, dad, siblings, other family members, playmates and probably being in the name of God. They most likely had our best interest at heart but they knew no better, so they gave us their painful ways.

This domestication eventually broke our hearts. It caused a separation of our feminine and masculine hearts.  We started to become just like those around us and we were rewarded for fitting into the dream of our family and eventually the dream of planet.

This set up an internal pattern that began attracting more of the same.  Eventually we started labelling and judging the events in our life and that added another layer of separation in the heart and we decided it was best not to feel, because life was painful or hostile.

So here we are now, our hearts broken or shattered and since our minds were being educated, we began to try and reason our way through or out of life. We began creating stories as to why we were who we had become. We placed blame on ourselves and others. We began to relate to heavy emotions and decided we were unworthy of the true abundance of the world.

These stories started getting complicated and very involved.  There was you as the main character and all the supporting cast. You eventually realized you could direct and produce the drama to limitless effect.  Others related and you found your company. Hollywood called and wanted to pay you millions for your saga.

Yet all along the heart kept feeling and getting split further and further apart and this gap was getting filled in with the epic story.  In Toltecnology, I call this gap your shadow.

Skip ahead to full on being an adult. How is this gap or shadow serving you? Did you meet the shadow of your dreams and fall in love? Do you find yourself addicted to substances, food, sex, or money? Are you angry and aggressive? Do you outright loath yourself or life?  Do you blame others and aren’t unable to take responsibility for your life? Welcome to your shadow, the space filling in the gap of your broken heart and keeping you from living life to its fullest.

Yet in all this heartbreak there is a gift. The gift of awakening. The gift of reclaiming back your power and reuniting your heart.

With the heart whole your life becomes heart centered and you become an unstoppable force. You are vulnerable yet discerning and  your dreams start to manifest as the miraculous nature of life begins to choose you. The cycle ramps up and your vibration begins to attract the love and support you deserve. Who could ask for anything more?

So I ask you, “Are you ready to have an experience of your heart and not create a story?” “Are you willing to be vulnerable?”