The archetype of the witness is the one who can observe without needing to fix something. With practice, the witness eventually becomes the act of witnessing and can refrain from engaging. Today, on our planet, there is so much drama vying for our attention. Now more than ever, developing the act of witnessing is essential. When you are the act of observing, you will always be taken to a place better than you have imagined for yourself.

Due to our conditioning, many of us find it challenging to observe without getting involved. We have been taught to take action whenever things don’t go as expected and solve any perceived problems. If we don’t sense any issues, we become restless and search for something to fix by creating a problem to keep us occupied. According to shamanic wisdom, this is because we believe that by staying busy fixing things, we can escape our mortality and never die, as we have tasks to accomplish. It is much easier to take on the role of the witness when the event is far removed from our localized reality, like when it is in another country, state, city, or neighborhood. Distancing ourselves from the event can then subdue the emotional charge surrounding it. Yet, when it is tied to our work or family, we often get triggered and call on our past conditioning to quickly resolve it momentarily.


David Hawkins’s consciousness scale has three distinct categories of witnessing. The lowest frequency or vibration is the victim, where everything is happening to you. All of your experiences are witnessed through your painful events in this lifetime and past lifetimes. Your consciousness has shame, guilt, fear, anger, grief, and pride all entangled in it.

You view life as tragic, demanding, disappointing, hopeless, evil, and miserable. You experience life through anxiety, depression, and negativity. You keep blaming others and things outside of yourself for how you are. You have completely separated from your divine ability to co-create a beautiful life, to walk in the way of beauty.


Eventually, you might find yourself rising out of this observation as the victim and working to become victorious. Quite often, you respond to the event through your past conditioning, and any attempt to solve these still has you engaging with the past and trying to fix things to improve it. You have taken on the role of doer.

There are many strategies for doing this that give people temporary relief from their distorted projection onto the reality mirror. But eventually, the old pattern reemerges, and you are again reaching for a new way to fix your reality. It’s like putting duct tape on it and hoping for the best. Eventually, the leak springs anew and engages you by occupying your attention and requiring you to find a way to fix it.

Think of it in terms of a dog and its stick. Something keeps throwing the stick, and you, the dog, chase after it, bringing it back so you can wait for it to be thrown again so you have something to chase after. This keeps you occupied with a reality that is, at best, futile in its return. You begin to tire of the result, and the observer emerges as the true you. It seems better than chasing your own tail.

Victor’s consciousness attempts to reason the way out, accept, and find courage and willingness to continue. The victor views life as acceptable, satisfactory, and hopeful, giving it meaning. They become productive and have an endless list of tasks to accomplish. There is a sense of relief in executing parts of the endless list. As it fixes one thing, it adds on another so that it has something meaningful to engage with. Idol hands are the devil’s playground.

As the observer develops, it begins to be experienced as observing. You start to realize that it’s possible to observe what is going on in the world around you and not have to fix any of it. You can become a non-doer. The more you begin to observe, the more faith you have in allowing the true nature of things to unfold for your highest and best. You sit back, allow, and watch it unfold. You go for the ride.


In the Hawkins scale, this is known as the vehicle. When you become the vehicle, you leave driving and navigating up to the divine energy that orchestrated all this in the first place. You realize that there is no punishing force that has it out for you and has left you needing to act on its behalf to correct the mistakes you believe it or you have made.

By allowing this into your consciousness, you become love, joy, peace, and eventually enlightened. You experience life through synchronicities, trusting in the process. You have affluence through compassion and loving what is. You see everything as perfect, complete, supportive, and magical. You see yourself as extraordinary and intuitive and create your dream accordingly.

By recognizing yourself as the observing, you dream your world into being by co-creating with the source of all things. This relationship with co-creating is your faith in your feminine aspects to create pure beauty reflecting the love that you are. You step out of the masculine mindset of needing to do and to solve, and you allow things to be created on your behalf. You allow the mother of all mothers to develop perfection for you and invoke grace in creativity.

The witnessing or observing is who you are. It is who you were born as. It is who you will be when you leave this body behind in death. You are not a human being. You are consciousness on an extended vacation as a human being. You are not this body you currently occupy. You are not your mind, and you are not your heart; these are tools to be used to expand your consciousness on this planet.

Most of us have forgotten that this time on this planet is a retreat, where we are experiencing the mysteries of being in dense, energetic human form. We have gotten caught up in the drama of such a dense reality and identified with it to fit into the “human race.”

We identify with, attach to, and fiercely defend the events that shaped our view of ourselves, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that suggests otherwise. We forget who we really are. We are not what happened to us; we are the act of witnessing.

The act of witnessing is not passive; in fact, it is very active. When we witness the event unfolding around us, we experience the truth of what is occurring. We don’t become traumatized by it. We don’t create an identity out of it or use it to judge ourselves as worthy of the divine witnessing we already are. We realize that the truth doesn’t need us to validate it as truth; it simply is truth. We don’t wage wars over ideologies and belief systems, and we don’t discriminate against those who are different from us. Instead, we realize that everyone and everything is perfect, including ourselves.


The final stage of developing witnessing is unification. In observing, we realize that all is one and that the whole reason for this journey and life on earth in this human body is to reunite with everything we know to exist. Everything is made up of the same essential elements. We are made of stars, and the stars are made of us. Each of us is a small part of the whole, and nobody has any more connection to the whole than you do. When witnessing, you realize that what you are observing is observing you. That everything is information informing everything else. This could be called the mirror of reality.

When we talk about awakening and going on a spiritual journey, we are eluding to the development of our witnessing and returning to our divine state of non-doing. We drop the identity of a being and find ourselves in the act of creating. We are the reflection of the divine mother, showing her undying love for the divine source she has engaged with to create this physical plane we call reality.