It could be said that we are living in a time, where all Hell has broken loose. Yet if this is true, upon closer examination, one could also say the gates of Heaven have been thrown wide open like never before.  We have reached a feverish flux, and our ability to see who we really are has never been as illuminated as it is now. The key to this transitional time on the planet is that there is this willingness to witness what you are in total and heal your dark side.

Are you afraid to look at your true whole self? This would include those parts, you have buried deep within, in hopes they might just disappear. To the shaman of the Americas, this is known as your shadow.

Let’s consider your shadow, for a moment.  This could be unexplored parts of who you are. It could be aspects of yourself, you were told to stop being, or those knows and hows you have found no support for in your life. It could be parts of your soul that have reincarnated so to evolve into the higher truth of pure consciousness.

Let’s add some labels to these shadowy parts, like maybe your sexual identity, or maybe your purpose in life, consider your talents and gifts.  How about labels around how you physically look, are they informed from what you have seen in the media, and then applied in the mirror?  Maybe it is because you are simply a woman or maybe you don’t identify with the binary gender standard of society, at all.  Could it be that your masculinity isn’t as macho as others demand?  Finally, it could be the race or ethnic group you identify with isn’t given a just chance in the dog eat dog standards of humanity. How fractured is your sense of self? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

When we walk around with our shadow looming large from not being included, we tend to attract an abundance of affirming situations, that have us believing that these labels are true and there is something “wrong” with us. But let’s consider this, evidence of lack or truth is not evidence of either, it is only evidence that you have found what you are looking for it.

From there we tend to attract others that vibrate at our level as well as situations that only keep us trapped in a vicious cycle of self-debasing or self-deprecating behavior. This is quite often what happens when we “fall” in love. Being that the universe is only operating from a place of abundance, it has no choice but to align you with your awareness(ing) of abundance or love of self. Gone unchecked we find ourselves manifesting health issues, financial insecurity, and life, in general, becomes a burden, and spiritual crisis ensues. Socially this would be labeled as depression or anxiety.

So how do we begin to really include the dark aspects of ourselves and not be at the effect of them? How do we become whole again and realign with our real purpose in life? Everyone has a story about why or how this happened to them and then we project that on to others. A story that usually centers around a lack of unconditional love. Yet now that the gates of Heaven have been thrown wide open and on an individual level we each have the power to access them and create heaven on earth. What is stopping you? What is stopping you from creating a love story with yourself?

Let me suggest it is the sophistication of your ego. First off your ego is so sophisticated that it has created this sense of you believing you are a being of some type. That this you is having experiences of a certain type and these experiences are to be taken personally. This you that has an ego is being constantly compared to and separated from as either inferior or greater than.  I am this; that is not me.

The ego is very competent at creating subdivisions within the realm of pure awareness. You see the truth of the matter is that you are not a noun at all, but a verb.  You are not even aware, you are the awareness(ing).  You are the acting rather than the actor or actress. Furthermore, in this movie the ego has this you starring in, there is no act, only acting exists, in fact, there is no movie only the awareness(ing) of where the focus has been placed.

Now let’s really throw a wrench in the wheel of confusion. If this you that is identified as having experiences doesn’t exist then it comes to reason that this you that you identify with, doesn’t have an ego. That the separation that is perceived is a product of the lack of awareness(ing). Evidence of separation is not evidence that there is separation it is only evidence that there is a focus on the awareness(ing) of separation. You see the closer you come to the divine nature of truth, the more paradoxical it all becomes.

This brings me back to my initial statement. If the gates of Hell have been flung wide open as well as the gates of Heaven then it should be apparent that we have reached the bottom and that there can be no further separation from the truth and the only way left is up or to reunite with awareness(ing) as the truth of who we are and the love that we are all seeking.

The ancient shaman of the Americas has questioned this since the arrival of the Spaniards. How could it be that there is something separate from the creator that is opposing the creator, such as evilness, when the creator has created everything? How is it that there is a being that separated from the whole of creation to know more than the creator of the divine plan itself? When in fact there are no beings of any type anywhere in the universe. This is the Darkside that needs to be healed.

We are being asked to reunite with our true divine nature, first.  The love we are seeking lies deep within each of us beyond the internal incoherence that is the sophistication of the ego. This is self-love.

Self-love is the recognition that this being you identify with is love itself. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a body, a soul, a mind, a heart, your bank account,  experiences of joy, happiness, sadness, and despair; but they are not you, you are the awareness(ing) of them.  This awareness(ing) is so powerful that you created all these aspects to identify with. To give you a sense of a self or creator. When you embody this truth you have reached the beginning of the end of suffering. For the shaman this is pure awareness, this is the full incorporation of your shadow as an intricate part of being. This is the reuniting of the feminine and masculine aspects of a heart of love. The awareness(ing) of the true nature of truth. The dissolving of Heaven and Hell. The healing of the Darkside.


BE Well