A Toltecnology Session is my elite private one one-on-one healing service. These private sessions address your subconscious programming. The sessions allow you to reclaim and take greater control of your life.

Your subconscious was formed by the time you were seven years old. It has been shown that it runs 95% of your day. Making decisions several seconds before you act from it.

In this private experience, I seamlessly blend modern and ancient modalities -what I refer to as my medicine bag- to dig deep into your subconscious programming and illuminate the root and initial events causing you to suffer. 

I consult my intuition to guide me as to what new code will allow you to attract a new experience, in your life. I clear the old wound and then download new code into your subconscious so that it can attract and experience a change in your life.

 Creating instantaneous shifts to your sense of well-being, healing your traumas once and for all. This is a truly miraculous process.

These sessions will have a profound effect on your

  • Physical health
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Clearing of past traumas
  • Ability to manifest money and abundance
  • Loving yourself, life, and finding true love