The New Year is off to an amazing start. On January 20, 2024, things became even more amazing as Pluto moved into Aquarius after having been in Capricorn since 2008. Remember 2008 and the collapse of the housing market? Yes, that is the type of influence the tiny planet, Pluto, has on the universe and humanity. Ultimately, Pluto is about truth, power, wealth, secrets, mystery, death, transformation, and shadow journeys — it’s about peeling back the layers to identify who’s really in charge. What’s really at stake? What’s really going on?Since 2008, Pluto has been marching through Capricorn’s industrious sign. Capricorn is associated with big business, Wall Street, corporate power and greed, and traditional economic structures. It has caused an even greater chasm between the haves and have-nots.

Now Pluto is entering Aquarius

In Aquarius — a sign motivated by the needs of the collective — Pluto empowers the masses to organize, mobilize, and disrupt the systems that have failed us. Despite being a small celestial body in our solar system, Pluto’s astrological significance is enormous. In its pursuit of exposing truth and power, Pluto’s touch is far from delicate; it has the finest of a wrecking ball. Clever and calculating, Pluto isn’t afraid to tear apart the most complex systems from the inside out. It has spent the last 18 years destroying systems, many of us thought were part of the grand scheme of things. Metamorphosis, evolution, transmutation — that’s the Plutonian way.

Since 2020 there has been a word that has emerged as a way to describe the profound changes that we have been experiencing, that word is UNPRECEDENTED. The events that are coming very soon are truly going to be unprecedented. For many of us, this will be the last sign we experience Pluto in, as its orbit will have it here for the next 18 years. For the vast majority of us, we have never lived with Pluto in Capricorn or Aquarius. This is because Pluto’s orbit around the sun takes 248 years.It is so powerful that those who aren’t prepared for this intense shift will find that their number has been called to leave the planet.  You may be experiencing this cycle of death in your life right now.

For us in the United States, we are having a cyclic return of Pluto. This means the last time Pluto passed through Aquarius was between 1777 and 1798, which coincided with the American Revolution. While history never repeats itself exactly, we can expect dizzying technological advancements, climate crises, and social shifts to alter the world as we know it. The responsibility is going to fall on the collective to create new worlds in a time of old paradigms collapsing. But the collective is made up of each of us and how we contribute to the whole.

Pluto represents all that exists beneath the surface. Think of clandestine plots, hidden agendas, and systemic oppression. It also represents the incredible pressure that builds on a subterranean level … and what happens when that extreme intensity gets released. Ultimately, Pluto is about truth and power — it’s about peeling back the layers to identify who’s really in charge.

On top of this, we are being presented with the realization of how well we play the victim archetype in our own lives, how it lies in our word, and how we use it against ourselves by speaking in derogative terms about others. Calling out others for their “Bullshit’, because it doesn’t align with your Bullshit…. Acting snidely towards others by manipulating plans at the last minute to disturb the flow so you can have what you think you deserve in the short term. Generally gossiping about others when they aren’t “in the room” is only going to intensify the dynamics of your transformation.

Believing you are more conscious than those you attract into your perception is a real sign of Pluto in Capricorn, think of it in terms of the WOKE movement, currently attempting to assert itself in the culture. Let us be clear there is an extreme difference between woke and Awakened.  If you are calling out the woke or identifying with the woke, your life will become intensely tumultuous. Pluto joins Aquarius to illuminate the shadow you have been busy spending your energy on ignoring. With the transition into Aquarius, you are about to have the most intense alchemical walk of your life through the transformational fire of Pluto. Burning away who you currently believe you are and your involvement with the aristocracy that Capricorn has allowed to rule the planet over the past 18 years.

Pluto represents all that exists beneath the surface. Think of clandestine plots, hidden agendas, and systemic oppression. It also represents the incredible pressure that builds on a subterranean level … and what happens when that extreme intensity gets released.

As this is all occurring we can look at what many indigenous traditions have prophesied about this time. The indigenous wisdom has marked this time as a transition from the fifth sun to the sixth sun. Understanding that a sun cycle is about 5600 years. So for the last 5600 years, we have been under the influence of a masculine-based sun. The fifth sun was a sun of justice and injustice. The Sixth Sun is about reclaiming and remembering.

Since 2012 we have been making the transition into the sixth sun. We will be fully under the influence of the sixth sun at the end of 2026. The sixth sun is feminine. We entered into it in 2012 in the darkness of midnight, or what would be the shadow of the Goddess. This transition in the darkness is helping us to see what is lurking in the darkness of our being and how we contribute it to the collective dream. It is exposing what the light tends to distort or obscure. Think of it this way. When the sun is out in our sky what do you see? The sun and those things directly in our view, clouds, and the immediate environment. But when it is dark and the sun not appearing what do you see? Everything in our cosmos; the stars, planets, moons, and all the cosmic formations that time is holding in its memory.

To align yourself and claim the divine feminine in your life you are going to have to walk the edge of the sword of the Goddess. Think Kali in the Hindu tradition, or the center of the Aztec sun and its deity with an obsidian tongue cutting through the darkness of your masculine domestication, and the distortion and lies despite how anchored they currently are on the plant. This domestication has prevented you from incorporating the shadow of the feminine in your life thus keeping you in the archetype of the victim and supporting your sophisticated denial system. It represents itself in the form of behavior problems, addictions, codependent relationships, self-loathing, anger, anxiety, and self-sabotage. The more you resist the integration of your feminine shadow the more you will suffer. The choice is a personal one. Resist and continue to identify with the past and its victim mentality or integrate the feminine shadow and assist the inevitable transformation of the human on this planet.

To find your true power in this new Plutonian cycle you first are going to have to experience death. The death of your well-constructed identity that has served you in some way through the majority of your life. Some would call this an awakening. All of this is part of the feminine qualities of this universe. The feminine gives birth to all that we know and is also the angel of death. From deep within our own shadow we are going to have to face the destruction of a lot of things so there can be a resurrection of the truth, the whole truth.

The feminine shadow’s concern with you, at this time. is that you experience the death of your false self and claim your body of resurrection. For this to occur we are going to have to give everything up we believe to be true or experience the destructive power of the feminine. The truth is not a bit of this and a bit of that and those things that are convenient to our illusion. The truth doesn’t matter what you consider truth, it is not reliant on your belief system. The truth is about accepting the true nature of this life and the universe as a whole. We must experience life for what it is and not for what we wish it to be. This is the only way we can resurrect the truth, realign with the divine feminine frequencies, and reunite with the divine masculine.

This year 2024 is an 8 year in numerology. We will experience the portal of 8/8/2024 in August…888; 3×8=24… 2+4=6  Venus is a 2, Saturn is a 6; 2+6=8 Venus represents love and Saturn destruction, this is going to be a year of tough love.

The elder feminine grandmother rules this year (Saturn) coupled with  her granddaughter (Venus.) The elder is full of wisdom and should not be ignored. In archetype language, we could say that we are going to experience the combined efforts of the young maiden and the Crone. Currently, we are fixated on the fair maiden and her youthful beauty, all the while ignoring the wisdom of the elder. The beauty of the elder is her seductive wisdom and years of experience.