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I offer a variety of sessions and workshops to assist you in becoming the artist of your life, the master of your dreams.

These sessions range from private one on ones to group structures and spirit journey retreats.

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Quantum Embodiment Mastery

Quantum Field Embodiment Mastery is conducted in a group atmosphere. Your body holds valuable information about how you perceive yourself in the world. Within minutes great strides can be obtained, releasing you from long standing patterns and myths about your past experiences.

This advanced tool is part of my embodiment experience. Once you have awakened and start to live life from a place of joy the next step is to begin taking actions that create the life of your dreams.

Being the artist of your life requires that you take action in the world and create something that truly matters. You can know all the spiritual truths of the world but until you begin living them and quit questioning how to do it, you are still caught in the realm of reacting to what life hands you, rather than creating your life.

You can either join one of my scheduled groups or contact me about facilitating a group of colleagues or other like-minded individuals.


“When working with Bryan the first thing you will notice is a deep calming and grounding presence that holds the space and container for you to show up fully, feel safe and heal. Next you will probably notice his amazing insight and creativity which are perfectly balanced with a logical, patient and thorough approach to your work together. Finally you will notice a caring individual that truly wants to see you become your best self. He is like the ultimate sherpa on your spiritual journey and will guide you to new heights, while keeping you grounded. If you are ready to expand into your highest potential and ready to do your deep inner work, look no further as you have just found the perfect practitioner and guide.”

Matthew C

Los Angeles, CA

“This is my first foray into one on one energy healing and I could not have had a better healer in Bryan. Bryan is very talented, authentic and for me his most valuable attribute is his humility and unassuming demeanor.  He immediately makes you feel comfortable and puts you in a position that is easy to share and open up. His talent lies in his ability to dig deep and uncover the challenges that you need to overcome at the subconscious level. He works tirelessly to remove the blocks and trauma and move you to a better level and place. I always come away feeling better for the experience. He introduced me to his Self Love program and his coaching and explanation is just as valuable as working to improve the subconscious misconceptions. If you are looking to dive into energy healing or just get your toe wet, I highly recommend Bryan to take you through this journey. ”

Devan R

Los Angeles, CA