When you bravely choose to awaken from your subconscious programming, you open the door to a life of miraculous transformation. This courageous step realigns you with the magic that infuses every moment.

During moments of serene contemplation, you’ll come to understand that the spirit of all things flows effortlessly through your consciousness. This realization brings with it a sense of ease and grace, empowering you to focus your intentions and eventually master your life with love and gratitude.

As you step into the role of the true sovereign of your life, you embark on a journey towards living the life of your dreams. This is the beginning of the end of suffering and the embracing of a life filled with joyful purpose and infinite potential.



As a neo-shaman, I am here to call upon the unseen world to assist me in service to those suffering in health, wealth, and love. By calling the innate energetics of the universe to guide me, I can walk between the unseen and the seen and bridge the gap, allowing for profound healing to occur for the individual and the collective at large.


Subconscious Reprogramming

Through private one-on-one sessions, it is possible to reprogram your subconscious patterns, and address energetic blocks as well as karmic imprints, that are not serving you. This allows you to reclaim and take greater control of your life. My proprietary program is known as TOLTECNOLOGY.

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Embodiment Mastery

For nearly thirty years now, I have been participating in and conducting and embodiment groups. Through movement, it is possible to see how your deepest wounds and karmic imprints are having you show up in your body and how you present yourself to the world.

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Special Creative Dynamics Events

Throughout the year I offer special events ranging from online classes and webinars to spiritual retreats in power places across the globe.


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Lucid Dream Weaving

In the Toltec tradition, your night dreams are precursors to your daydreams.It is said that those who don’t remember their dreams are part of the living dead.  Everything that happens in your waking hours was first dreamed by you at night.

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Are you ready to awaken to your highest potential, and manifest the life of your dreams?

In our fast-paced modern culture, we often find ourselves merely addressing symptoms instead of delving into the root causes of our ailments. We’ve become accustomed to settling for superficial cures rather than seeking profound healing.

These symptoms are direct manifestations of the traumas and experiences that hinder our ability to authentically live our lives. Many of us carry generational traumas inherited from our family lineage.

What exactly is trauma? It is the lingering impact of past events that we were either unable or unwilling to fully process. As a consequence, our subconscious mind has been molded by these experiences, leading us to operate from a state of trauma-induced awareness.

The time has come to recognize that ancient healing practices, merged with the cutting-edge realm of Quantum Physics, possess the transformative power to clear and heal the wounds of our past. The convergence of these ancient and modern modalities offers a potent energetic combination that can guide you toward unleashing your highest potential and becoming who you were truly meant to be in this lifetime.

For centuries, ancient shamans in the Americas have understood the fundamental principle that everything, including human beings, is energy. They developed sacred rituals and ceremonies to honor and tap into this wisdom. The modern science of Quantum Physics has caught up with this ancient knowledge, affirming what the shamans knew all along. When you embrace this reality and embody it, you’ll realize that every event in your life is a reflection of the conscious or unconscious decisions you have made.

The Toltecs of central Mexico, eloquently refer to this as “dreaming” – the powerful act of shaping your reality through intention and awareness.

Awakening to the true nature of reality offers you a profound ability to live your life from a higher dimension and take true control of your power to manifest the life of your dreams.

The Ancient Toltecs, of central Mexico, said that we are dreaming all the time. Yet most of us are unaware of this phenomenon, we don’t remember our nighttime dreams and so we manifest unwanted events into our daily lives.

Quantum Physics has discovered what the ancient shaman knew all along, that everything in the universe is part of a unified whole. When you have a unified awareness and embody the power of your ability to heal your dreams, you can then engage the field to create results that seem nothing short of miraculous.

Energetic imprints that are preventing you

from manifesting the life of your dreams


Physical Health Problems

Almost every physical health issue is a manifestation of blocked emotional energy.  This blocked energy has been turned into unprocessed emotional energy. Unprocessed emotional energy is usually the result of an event in your life that you were unable or unwilling to feel when it occurred. This could be the result of past life experiences you are holding in your subconscious or DNA passed on to you in your lineage. In traditional medicine, they use the term disease, in energy (Toltecnology) it is referred to as DIS-EASE.

The Inability to Manifest

 Do you realize that The Law of Attraction only works for less than 10% of the population?

Affirmations, are useless until you realize that your focus, or The Law of Attention, must be unyieldingly aligned.

Secondly, your ability to have the feeling that you already have what you so desire is crucial to manifesting.  

Finally, an overall sense of gratitude for what you already have is necessary. When we don’t manifest instantly, we begin to question our ability to have what we want. We lose sight of our blessings and we create a future of struggle and emotional obstacles.

Emotional Issues

 Emotional issues manifest as a result of your unwillingness or inability to accept an event in your life that became blocked energy and reconfigured your nervous system. Causing your nervous system to operate from a state of traumatization. Trauma is not the event that you experienced, but more over the result of the event.  The linger effects.

You realize you can never achieve true abundance, joy, prosperity, or an overall sense of well-being. You find you lack an overall sense of purpose and happiness, no matter how much effort you exert. These issues show up as behavior problems, addictions, codependent relationships, self-loathing, or anger. Gone unaddressed, they quite often manifest into physical problems as well.

Self Love and a Love for Life

 Most people are trying to figure out what Love really is. Whether it be in an intimate relationship, self-love, or love of life. Most likely this struggle is reflected in your upbringing and from issues passed onto you from your lineage. Most notably your mother and father figures, siblings, and other family members who reinforced your sense of self.

Without self-love, it’s virtually impossible to be loved, or love anybody else, unconditionally.