The moon is eclipsing the sun over North America, today. 
This could be considered a very auspicious celestial event or it could be taken as a spectacle with little sense of the energetic importance or information that is being transmitted from it. Something cool.
Yet either way every human is receiving a download of new code that will guide them for the next several months and years.
The information you receive may have you wanting to double down and resist the inevitable events that are to come for the collective of humanity.
All of this depends on how purified your (LEF) Luminous Energy Field is and how distorted your projection onto the mirror of reality is.
These distortions are caused by karmic Imprints that cause your divine light to create events in the collective field of humanity that reflect pain and persecution back onto you and your sense of reality.
If this is happening to you it is because you are not fully aligned with your soul’s highest expression. Any suffering is a direct result of this dynamic.
Throughout history, there are countless examples of this. One that comes to mind is the life of Jesus Christ. Even though he was said to have brought so much consciousness to humanity and created so many miracles, in the end, it was a painful demise. The savior himself for the Western world had an unresolved karmic imprint that he involved others in so he ended up persecuted and crucified. This imprint then was projected onto the collective and now many of us live in unconscious fear that if we align with our soul’s highest expression we will be crucified also. If he had resolved this imprint the perpetrators would not have fulfilled their contractual agreement with his soul to carry out his persecution and crucifixion and keep his and their karmic imprints in place. Ultimately each of us has an imprint that resonates with this collective distortion. It’s why the church is so powerful today, but whose power appears corrupted.
Mastery of your most divine expression is to fully embody the undistorted light of your highest self. In doing so you radiate it from every cell of your being so others can have a sense of the possibilities of their reality. You stop adding to the collective distortion that is currently viewed as reality.
Of course, many people are focused on the injustices and imbalances in the playing field of life. This however is a complete waste of time and energy and is only empowering what they find to be so unjust. What you focus on persists, it can not have an energetic hold on you if you are focused and projecting your soul’s clearest loving image of the divine. 
So today as we are under the influence of a celestial event that appears far greater than ourselves, we are being instructed on how to proceed back to our highest expression of our soul’s divine purpose. 
Think of it as a bubble bath. Each of us is in our little bubble of self-awareness. Yet when we come together as a collective we create a rich foam that soothes and nourishes our sense of well-being, as well as each other. We are all one body of divine light and consciousness, wanting to reflect our iridescent rainbow of enlightenment.
My first teacher of some 30 years ago worked with karmic imprints. She was quite a visionary. She always said that when you clear or heal your imprints, you will realize that you are here to stand for something greater than yourself. I now realize that meant to be in service to the “collective bubble bath foam.”
She used movement and dance to help you heal and clear your karmic imprints. At the end of each weekend workshop, she picked a song for you to get up and dance to in front of the rest of the group. Here is the song she picked for me the first time I participated in her workshops.
Yes, Michael was a prophet who had an unresolved karmic imprint.
It’s quite possible that you are experiencing physical symptoms such as headaches, confusion, indigestion, lethargy, or an overall sense of numbness, and that “none of this applies to me.” This guy is crazy and I don’t relate to what is he talking about.
This is your LEF attempting to assimilate the new light codes. Simultaneously your LEF is at the effect of so many imprints on your intake/projection portal that the information is causing confusion and a felt sense of victimization. 
The eclipsed information I am receiving today has to do with the responsibility of each of our feminine aspects. We are being asked to first and foremost use the power of our wounded feminine (yes, wounds are gifts) to assist the wounded masculine back to its golden state of radiance. No more focusing on the atrocities that are glaring in the human collective caused by the wounded and shadowy masculine. It is time to block out the distorted light and give the masculine aspects in each of us the permission to heal and regain its highest expression of the divine felt sense. The feminine is currently the compassionate part of us, and can comfort the wounded masculine back to it’s divine expression. It’s one of the reasons we are on her planet right now.
 This will then display the energetic feminine in its rightful power/light and she can heal herself even further and the collective planet at large.
The collective can not heal if the focus continues to be on that which we don’t want in this plane of existence or the wrongs, I had done against me because I am not taking full responsibility for clearing of the karmic imprints I brought into this life. 
In the shamanic view of the Americas, it is said that we are moving from the Fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun. The Fifth Sun was the sun of justice, not injustice, as we are currently so focused on. If we continue to hold dear and armor our hearts with the injustices of the past, either personally or collectively we will continue to empower and create more injustice. More suffering will be the affirmation of this focus.
The Sixth Sun is the sun of remembering. 
Remember that each of us is divine and looking for compassion to heal and return to our highest expression. 
Do not look outward for compassion, but rather look inward to find compassion for yourself and permit yourself to clear any karmic imprints you came to this lifetime with. It’s the initial reason you came to this planet. We sometimes get caught up in service to others and forget to serve ourselves from a compassionate heart-centered place. This only results in dangerous painful events occupying our time and energy.
Karmic imprints are events from previous lives that you have been unable or unwilling to heal in your past reincarnations. Once you are no longer a mirror for others’ karmic imprints they will turn inward and find compassion for themselves and begin the process of clearing and healing their distorted projections onto the mirror of reality. 
Once you have cleared your karmic imprints you will be in your highest divine expression. Once you are in your highest divine expression nothing can harm or affect your well-being and state of beauty. Your mind can’t seem to fathom this, but your body is endlessly seeking this return to a holistic state of well-being.
There is a saying, “Awakening is the beginning of the end of suffering.” Yet clearing and healing all the initial and root causes of your suffering leads to enlightenment. If one soul becomes enlightened on this plane of humanity, then it appears that all souls will find their way to enlightenment. 
Don’t take my word for it. Turn to your divine nature, your soul’s highest and clearest expression, and begin realizing the truth doesn’t need any of us, to be true. But it does welcome us in with a warm and compassionate embrace. 
It all starts with the person in the mirror.
BE Well
Tikaq Sonqon