There is this little book that is very dear to my heart and sent me down the “rabbits hole” of awakening some 20 years ago.  You may have heard of it, “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz.
  Needless to say, I highly recommend it.  Ever since I took Awakening Dynamics last September, (you know those pre-virus halcyons days of yore), I’ve revisited it with a new sense of gratitude and had many new insights.
  So I’ve decided to dedicate my blog posts for July 2020 to those four little agreements that say so much about the true nature of being a human and as the cover says, “a practical guide to personal freedom.” These short statements offer a powerful code that when practiced, can help to reprogram your subconscious and free you of your domesticated dream of the planet.

The Four Agreements are:
1)Be Impeccable With Your Word.
2)Don’t Take Anything Personally.
3)Don’t Make Assumptions.

4)Always Do Your Best.
  I am going to start with the Agreement, “Don’t Make Assumptions.”
The first step to this agreement is to begin to ask the hard questions when dealing with others.  It is important to be clear around what someone is saying or their intentions when you are negotiating a situation.  Whether it be at home in a personal relationship, at your job, or say buying a car.
 But lying underneath this first layer of awareness is something far more consequential and disruptive to your happiness and well being.
 What actually sets the stage for your ability to ask all the necessary questions and be clear of the situation at hand, are the “silent assumptions.”
 These little bites of programmed code are what run your day. You are so familiar with them that they hardly get noticed.
 Silent subtle ideas like, “I am not good enough; I am not worthy; Nobody cares about me; I am a failure; I deserve to be treated poorly; There is just not enough for me; If I have what I want somebody else will have to go without; I’m not educated enough,” and on and on and on. Insert yours HERE.  It requires a lot more courage and awareness to get a hold of these secondary assumptions and really create separation from your upbringing.
Yet there lies still another level of awareness that keeps this self-defeating behavior and dialogue intact. It is the idea of I or me being a separate being from all others. This is the true assumption that feeds all the outer layers and stifles the ability to manifest a rewarding life. It creates all your suffering.
 When you see through this illusion of “I” or “me”  the process of awakening to the true nature of life is initiated. This is the true nature of being liberated.  This is what it means to Awaken.
 So how does one escape this illusion?  How does one Awaken?  The first step is to begin to question where this belief of “I” came from.  As the ancient Toltecs suggest, begin to “stalk your mind.”  Listen to the “Mitote” or dialogue that runs on autopilot and claims to be the truth.  Listen to the silence that is the true nature of reality.  When you start here the universe will begin to present itself in the form of new knowledge, new experiences, a video, a conversation while waiting in line at the grocery store, a dream while sleeping, a song on the radio, an “Aha” moment.  Your intuition begins to come forward and inform your reality. The more effort you put into this process, the more the dynamics of your experience change.  Miracles begin choosing you. It takes less effort to achieve. 
  Many are waking up on the planet right now because of the experiences on the planet right now, such as CoVid 19, social injustice and economic inequality. Yet far greater few are awakening to the reality that they are the creators of their destiny, that they dreamed this reality into existence and they must take responsibility for all the consequences. They are awakening to the fact that they have been lied to for centuries by slave masters, who most don’t even know. This is the level of awakening for the majority of humanity.
 But the true awakening is from this insidious silent assumption that there is somebody here called me, referred to as I. Yes there is Life with a capital L, but beyond that, it is a silent assumption, a “Great Lie.”  
I invite you to question this assumption, this Lie, and begin to “stalk” it and discover that there is life in all its glory, but no you as an individual.  There is only consciousness and the great silence of being. I urge you to engage yourself to be free, be the artist of your life, and liberate your awareness to its highest purpose. Become Truth.