Manifestation and Focus

This is a three-week commitment to self. Meeting once a week, for three weeks in a row. Includes 3 private one-hour sessions, along with access to 3 Wednesday Quantum Embodiment Movement Groups. It will involve homework, such as videos and other material to read.

If you have trouble focusing, this program is for you. We will get you focused on who you really are and what you really want. 

You’ll set specific clear intentions and then align yourself with thoughts and actions that will manifest them into reality.

Then by coming to my Quantum Embodiment Movement Groups you will experience the feelings needed to signal to the universe that you are ready, willing and able to make your dream a reality.


Quantum Field Embodiment Mastery

The wisdom of the body is profound. You’ll realize that your body holds every event in your life and even the events inherited from your ancestors.

This valuable information informs how you perceive yourself and show up in the world. Within minutes great strides can be obtained, releasing you from long-standing patterns and myths about your past experiences.

By moving your body and receiving feedback your energetic patterns are revealed and you have an experience of realigning with the Quantum Field. and your authentic self. Potentially you can realize amazing changes in your financial, emotional, and physical health.


You are dreaming all the time according to the ancient Toltecs.

Your Tonal or daydream is developed by your Nagual or night dream. It is said your night dreams are four times more creative than your daydreams.

Most of us don’t remember our night dreams so we end up unconsciously creating our daydream.

When you can become as aware or lucid in your night dream as you are in your daydream, you can change your life for the better.

This program teaches you to become a Nagual and master your dream world so you don’t create unwanted events in your life.


Accending to the top of the TOLTECNOLOGY Pyramid is my Spiritual retreats to Teotihuacan, Mexico, and the land of the Toltecs

The ancient ruins of Teotihuacan or “Teo” in central Mexico are the “Land where man becomes God.” Ancient wisdom and spiritual technology await the open-hearted traveler. Assisting you to heal your dream and help facilitate the dream of the planet to a higher and more empowering experience for all.

The Quantum field is undeniable in “Teo.” Let the ancient energies envelop you and take you on a transformative journey of a lifetime. 

The march 2022 retreat has SOLD OUT. Contact me below to express your interest in going in late October 2022.


“When working with Bryan the first thing you will notice is a deep calming and grounding presence that holds the space and container for you to show up fully, feel safe and heal. Next you will probably notice his amazing insight and creativity which are perfectly balanced with a logical, patient and thorough approach to your work together. Finally you will notice a caring individual that truly wants to see you become your best self. He is like the ultimate sherpa on your spiritual journey and will guide you to new heights, while keeping you grounded. If you are ready to expand into your highest potential and ready to do your deep inner work, look no further as you have just found the perfect practitioner and guide.”

Matthew C

Los Angeles, CA

“This is my first foray into one on one energy healing and I could not have had a better healer in Bryan. Bryan is very talented, authentic and for me his most valuable attribute is his humility and unassuming demeanor.  He immediately makes you feel comfortable and puts you in a position that is easy to share and open up. His talent lies in his ability to dig deep and uncover the challenges that you need to overcome at the subconscious level. He works tirelessly to remove the blocks and trauma and move you to a better level and place. I always come away feeling better for the experience. He introduced me to his Self Love program and his coaching and explanation is just as valuable as working to improve the subconscious misconceptions. If you are looking to dive into energy healing or just get your toe wet, I highly recommend Bryan to take you through this journey. ”

Devan R

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Bryan, you are making such a difference in my life.  Each week you have opened my eyes to different realms and different vistas.  I feel my energy changing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and perhaps I am gaining an intuitive sixth sense. Lately, I feel like I am growing at supersonic speed. The transformations has been manifesting quicker, deeper, and more profoundly.  I am happier, healthier, stronger, more awake, more purposeful, more confident, and I have come out of retirement at seventy-five to take on new projects.  In your easy-going and friendly manner, your alchemy required so little effort.  I feel like a snake that has shed its skin to facilitate my new growth.  I have shed my skin so many times.  I have become a new and better me repeatedly.  Thank you for preparing me for my new life.  A wonderful gift to bring forth an unprecedented new year!

Jeannette N.

Santa Rosa, CA