Dream Weaving with Brainwaves

 The ancient Toltec practice of manifesting the life of your dreams 

  • Are you ready to release your old dream and make way for your new beautiful empowered dream?
  • Do you realize that your night dreams are four times more powerful than your daydreams?
  • Are you willing to master your subconscious so you can become the nagual of your reality?

Dream weaving is an ancient spiritual Toltec practice that is taught only by a handful of people in the whole world. I was blessed to learn dream weaving, first hand from Sergio Magaña, a famous Mexican healer who has been initiated into the 5,000-year-old Toltec lineage of nahualism and the Tol lineage of dreaming knowledge.

  • The Ancient Toltecs said that we are dreaming all the time, we have a daydream as well as a night dream. But most of us are unconscious of this, we don’t remember our night dreams and so we manifest unwanted events into our lives.
  • Through a combination of breathing rituals and intention setting, you will access hypnotic brainwave states and learn to influence your night dreams.
  • In a deep awakened Theta state, you will learn to plant your dreams, using animal archetypes to represent your intention.
  • Dream weaving allows you conscious access to the deepest depths of your mind, and the opportunity to guide your dreams at will.
  • When presented as part of an awakening and embodiment practice, dreaming weaving can help bring meaning to life as well as bolster your emotional resilience and heal your deepest trauma


  • Identify The brain waves you move through, and energy levels you cross, in your sleep each night — and how to access them at will.
  • How your dreams can assist you in Awakening from the dream of the planet.
  • The power of dream weaving to seed ideas, plans, or relationships into your waking life.
  • Become immune to the chaos in the world around you, so you can create the life of your dreams.
  • How to plant a dream so you can heal an illness or manifest money and love
  • How dreams can empower you to erase ancestral patterns and help you heal your addiction to suffering
  • Ways to send healings to others and help heal the planet.
  • powerful practices to heal your deepest traumas and assist others
  • apply don Miguel ruiz’s “The four agreements” to your dreams

Week 1:Dream technology-the mask, the obsidian mirror, Numerology

SATURDAY (04/09/2022)

 Each night, as you are fast asleep you move through many distinct types of brain waves and energy levels.  According to Nahualism — an ancient technology system that works with the altered states of the Dreamtime — you form a new, unique energy body. With the right techniques, you can reach a state referred to as the  “blossom dream” — a lucid dream state that you can completely control.

  • Introduction to Toltec Terminology
  • Learn the Toltec way of numbers
  • Reveal the true you behind the mask you have created for yourself
  • Breathing techniques to access the Smoking Mirror

Week 2: The Sixth Sun, Brainwaves, The Dream of the eagle SATURDAY(04/16/2022)

In the new paradigm of the world today, many of us are realizing we don’t know who we truly are.

When forced to deal with ourselves we encounter very sophisticated denial systems that we set up to avoid are true nature. We have become masters of distraction and don’t even realize it. We are so unfocused by our multitasking lifestyle that we have lost sight of the beauty of what it means to be alive.

According to the ancient Mexhicas as we transition into the sixth sun we are being confronted by our true nature and being asked to awaken to our true power.  Our true power is our ability to dream or create reality. Unfortunately, most of us are dreaming of our new reality unconsciously. We are still not willing to take full responsibility for our own suffering.

  • Learn who your true self is by healing your caves of power
  • Become empowered by knowing the difference between your spirit, instincts, and subconscious
  • Understand the importance of this time in human history as we transition from the fifth to the sixth sun
  • Initiate the dream of the eagle so you can change your perspective of your importance in this time of great change.

Week 3: Brainwaves, Dream Planting, and weaving, manifestation

SATURDAY (04/23/2022)

Toltecnology is a term I was given by the creator in a dream. It refers to the power of numbers to demonstrate the order of creation and the ability and know-how to heal our suffering. By realigning with what modern science terms the Quantum field,  our internal incoherence is awakened from our unconscious dreaming.  Miraculously we realign with the true order of the cosmos. We become masters of attraction and manifestation.  Miracles begin to choose us. We know longer need to achieve and instead become vehicles to receive.

  • Using brainwaves to assist your dreaming
  • Dream yourself Awake from the Grand Illusion
  • Discover how Modern science is supporting the Ancient wisdom of the Toltecs. 
  • learn a modern Toltec manifestation practice

Week 4: teomania in 4 movements:

Breathing exercises for movement and measure


Today we ascend to the top of the ancient pyramid of conscious dreaming. Saving the best for last, the complete joyous release of our old dream.  We are aligned with the confidence, focus, and concentration of all our efforts to live a new powerful dream of our own creation. We dove deep and narrowed our focus. We are now ready to move in harmonious energetic cycles and obtain the results of our dreams.

  • Work with the cosmic order and sacred mathematics to heal your luminous light body
  • Embody and radiate your new dream for the planet with unrelenting focus and intent.
  • Become the Nagual of your dreams.  The artist of your life.




      • Over 8 hours spread over four sessions of precious content on how to dream your life into a beautiful empowered reality
        • Empowering practices and exercises each week to guide you step by step into becoming a conscious dreamer.
        • An exclusive program that will combine ancient wisdom, cutting-edge science, and breathwork to open you up to all the possibilities life has waiting for you.
        • Be well on your way to becoming the Nagual of your dreams and the artist of your life.

        All this for the amazing price of $600 

        Saturday Dream Cycle

        Module 01-April 9, 2022 @ 10am (PST)

        Module 02-April 16, 2022 @10am (PST)

        Module 03-April 23, 2022 @ 10am (PST)

        Module 04-April 30, 2022 @ 10am (PST)

        Each week’s Module will run for approx. 2 hours.

        • Module 01: Dream technology-The Mask, The Obsidian mirror, Brainwaves
        • Module 02: The Caves of Power, The Sixth Sun, The Dream of the Eagle
        • Module 03: The Power of Numbers, The Order of Creation, Manifestation
        • Module 04: Teomania in 4 Movements:  Breathing Exercises for Movement and Measure