October 22-26, 2022

It’s pronounced Waa-haa-kuh

Oaxaca- The Land of Seven Moles

Oaxaca is a state that surrounds you with an atmosphere of tradition, nature, and flavor. Amidst valleys, petrified waterfalls, and archaeological sites, a world-class expedition awaits you.

The history and legacy of ancient civilizations remain quietly sleeping in Oaxaca, in its archaeological sites, you will discover cities that were once inhabited by great cultures such as the Mixtec and Zapotec.


Not only is Oaxaca known for its culinary traditions, you will also be treated to a host of traditional artisans.  We will travel to several villages, each one taking pride in its long-held specialty. There will be traditional weaving in Teotitlan De Valle. We will visit the artisans of San Bartolo and their black pottery.  We’ll stop in Arrazola to experience the mystical dreamland of the Alibrjes.

DAY ONE- October 23

We will be guided around the city and its markets so that you can better acquaint yourself to explore on your own.




Ancient Traditions

Day 2 October 24

Monte Alban

9:30 am

Monte Alban is one of the first cities in Mesoamerica as well as one of the most powerful, located 10 kilometers outside Oaxaca city at a height of 2,000 meters above sea level. The civilization started around 500 bc by the Zapotec civilization and then eventually was populated by the Mixteca culture. Monte Alban was the seat of power over the central valleys, the political influence extending far beyond its city walls.

San Bartolo Coyotepec

This town has become world-famous for its hand-made black pottery. One of the most coveted qualities of their black pottery is the shiny finish given to it by rubbing it with a quartz crystal before firing it in an underground homemade kiln.




The famous alebrijes started in Mexico city but it was brought here to Oaxaca by the people of Arrazola and perfected. Practically all of the families in this town make a living by creating these wood carvings most of which are of mystical creatures painted colorfully, an art handed down from generation to generation.

Plant medicine and Curandera-Day 3

October 25

There is the possibility of doing a ceremony with a Curandera or Curandismo.

More details to come.

Splendid Nature

Day 4 October 26


An ahuehuete tree with a height of 42 meters and a diameter of 14 meters, the Tule Tree is arguably the oldest tree in the world. Through the millenium, amazing figures have emerged on its trunk and branches that have taken on a life of their own. Surrounded by markets and outdoor restaurants, the Tule Tree is a great place to visit on your way to Mitla.

Mezcal Factory

One of the alcoholic beverages that Oaxaca is known for is Mezcal. Oaxaca, having 8 different regions, offers a grand variety of mezcals and what better way to enjoy some than going to a mezcal factory where you can observe how it is made and then taste test as many as you want.


The second most important archaeological site in Oaxaca, Mitla, which means “The place of the dead”, was a ceremonial and religious construction for the priests and nobel classes of the Zapotec culture. Mitla is the only archaeological site in Mesoamerica decorated with elaborate grecas and geometric figures which cover walls, friezes and tombs making Mitla quite a unique destination.

Hierve el agua

Passing Mitla and going up into the mountains for about 30 minutes, you arrive at “Hierve el agua”, or “The Water Boils”. Known for it’s large petrified waterfalls and the natural spings which bubble up from underground giving this place its name, Hierve el agua is a place of beauty, rest and relaxation. Take a dip in the springs and enjoy the view and a nice typical Oaxacan lunch.

What’s Included

  • Airfare from Mexico City to Oaxaca International Airport
  • Group transportation to and from the airport (set time)
  • Four nights accommodations
  • Three days of guided tours around the state of Oaxaca
  • All entrance fees to sites.


  What’s not Included

                                       1) Airfare from Oaxaca to your final destination

                                       2) Any souvenirs,

                                       3) Tips for room attendants. ($1-2(US) a day)

                                       4) tips for tour guide-$20(US) for fours days

                                       5) Meals and Alchohol

                                        Most flights to the US leave in the AM or early PM

                                        The transport to the airport will reflect this.

     If you leave later in the day and don’t wish to sit at the airport

                  you will need to provide your own transportation,

at your cost.

The total cost per person is $1395 USD.

A $600 USD deposit per person is required by June 15, 2022 to hold your spot.

The deposit is non refundable unless the trip doesn’t meet the minimum requirement of five participants.

In the event that the minimum is not met your deposit will be returned.


 Let’s Do OAXACA