October 15-19, 2023

Dream Summit

February 15-19, 2023

Are you a healer, modern-day shaman, embodiment coach, or simply somebody who is hearing the call to find a deeper sense of self love?  Then you’re going to want to join me, Bryan E. Schellinger, in the sacred ruins of TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO for a week of heart-centered journeying to unleash the power of who you are and master your dreams. All in the land of the Toltecs.

Imagine, it’s the final day of five miraculous life-changing days in the Mexican countryside amongst amazing ancient stone ruins.

It’s early morning, the air is thin and cool as it crackles with the energy of the ancient guardians of this otherworldly site. You sense their presence as they honor you for what has transformed in your life over the past five days.

You and your fellow travelers have bonded during the course of this amazing adventure and the time of reckoning has come.

You’ve become a bit familiar with the sparse landscape and the layout of the ancient city of Teotihuacan. Today you head directly to one of the largest ancient man-made structures, still standing on the planet,  The Pyramid of the Sun. You are dwarfed and awe-struck by its presence, and marvel at the accomplishment of the builders of such a structure.

The power of the structure courses through you as the energy of the Great Mother pulses from its base and the light of the Creator beams down upon you, illuminating your new sense of unconditional self-love, your potential, and the promise of enlightened service and purpose in your life.

Suddenly it all comes clear and all your senses proclaim

“This is the place where

Humans awaken to become GOD.” 

Welcome to your new sense of love.


The potential and promise of this journey…

Witness the power that lies within the stillness of your heart by unifying your strength of heart with your vulnerable receptive heart.

Free yourself from the old dream of self-imposed restrictions. Fear, lack, worthiness.

Come into “right relationship” with your intuition. Trusting it to guide you to your highest potential.

Begin to master the true nature of your mind and its ability to heal yourself and others and to create worlds of new potential and a true love for all life.

Set yourself free of traumas, spiritual contracts, and attachments to results, that have continued to derail your dream.

Find yourself heart-centered in the seat of your power to help guide the planet through these challenging times. 

Embody the consciousness of an ancient people and their art of living and bring it home to friends, family, and colleagues.

I promise, you will not return home

as the same person.


Who were the Toltecs and why Teotihuacan?

There is much mystery and mystique surrounding the ancient builders of Teotihuacan.  But one thing is for certain the architects of this great city were master artists, engineers, and scientists that were spiritually enlightened and sought to demonstrate their wisdom and knowledge by building a city that would be a guide for future seekers of enlightenment and the secrets of a mastered fulfilling life.

Their profound knowledge of the cosmos and understanding of universal cycles allowed them to build an ancient city that reflected the measure and the movement of the heavenly bodies.

Some evidence suggests it was not built by the Toltec but by the Totonac culture that migrated southward from what is now modern-day Navajo country in Arizona and New Mexico.  What is known is that it was mysteriously abandoned by the Toltecs until the Aztecs rescued it from the jungle that had consumed it. In reverence of its size and beauty, the Aztec named it Teotihuacan, “The city of the Gods”

The ancient city stretches along a three-mile long axis, known as The Avenue of the Dead. Situated at one end of the avenue is Quetzalcoatl’s Plaza of Hell, where our journey will begin. The final destination of our journey will culminate five days later with an ascent of the Pyramid of the Sun.

Between the Plaza of Hell and the Pyramid of the Moon which is actually situated directly at the other end of the Avenue lie many other sacred structures, each representing the knowledge and wisdom that its original builders wished to demonstrate for future generations. These plazas, temples, and palaces are dedicated to the four elements, (earth, wind, fire, and water.) As well they are dedicated to the power animals, such as the jaguar, the hummingbird, the eagle, and of course the serpent. Each day we will call upon the power that each holds to illuminate another aspect of our inner world and connect us to our new dream.

The Toltecs are known for developing a sophisticated practice of dreaming. They recognized the day as a dream and the night dreams to be the actual creator of the day. It is said that those who don’t remember their nighttime dreams are the walking dead that inhabit the avenue and die to live in the underworld beneath the complex.

During our five-day journey, we will learn to “plant” dreams so at night the power of the ruins will assist us in making the transformation and mastery of our daydream.

Are you ready to dream with the Toltecs and all that is Teotihuacan?

I am Ready

This Journey is for you if

  • You know you are heeding the call to assist the planet and humanity through these immense times of change.
  • You deeply feel the need to make your life a life of service.
  • You are open hearted and ready to release your old dream of life and stand in the power of your new dream.
  • It’s time to heal your inner world once and for all and assist the world in healing itself.
  • You are ready to spend six days embodied in a high vibrational environment of unconditional love.
  • You’re okay with being vulnerable and receptive to new ideas and being supported and supporting to all in the group. 
  • Your hearing the calling to be a Healer or Shaman and won’t be happy until you find out for sure if it’s who you were meant to be.
  • The more you read through this trip page the more your body tingles with excitement.

This Journey is not for you if

  • If you wish to go on a Mexican vacation and bask in the sun.
  • Your not willing to be in a group dynamic and support and be supported by the other members in the group as you each shed the layers of your old dream.
  • You’re attached to blaming outside circumstances for your happiness and success.
  • You are really wishing the world would get back to normal
  • You enjoy making excuses, being negative, and feel like you are victimized by life.
  • You don’t want to have an Awakening to a new reality or have a major life-changing experience in a foreign environment.

What’s included

  • 4 solid days of shamanic teaching, dreaming planting practices, and evening gatherings with consciousness shifting ceremonies
  • Authentic Toltec guides and rituals in the hidden sacred caves
  • Entrance fees to the Teotihuacan pyramid complex
  • Transportation to and from Mexico City airport on October 9 and 15. (designated times only!)
  • Transportation to and from the ruins.

What’s not included

  • Your round-trip airfare from home to Mexico City Benito Juarez Airport
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD  per person for the entire stay)
  • $2 USD per person per guide
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance.



    Bryan E Schellinger is a  Quantum Master Intuitive, Embodiment Coach, and dream facilitator.  He assists people in finding their infinite potential and mastering the life of their dreams. It is his desire to help people find the true nature of the universe and return to  “right alignment” healing their lives and in turn healing the planet.

    He is the founder of A Foundation for Creative Dynamics and refers to his medicine bag of services as TOLTECNOLOGY.

    Ancient modalities and Modern Quantum Field science have coalesced as one in his heart, bringing forth the power in him to assist the individual, as well as groups back to a life of expanded awareness and infinite possibilities.

    Through a variety of modalities: such as Theta Brainwave Healing, Quantum Field Embodiment Mastery,  Lucid dream work, Indigenous ceremonies, Plant medicine, and Luminous Energy Field (LEF) reprogramming he assists individuals and groups to find their highest potential.

    He hosts weekly groups,(currently all online) attracting people from all corners of the world. He also works with individuals in elite intuitive sessions to help them overcome traumas, lack consciousness, and physical illness that modern medicine has failed to adequately address.

    Seven years ago it all came full circle as a trip to Teotihuacan with Don Miguel Ruiz and his son Don Jose made him own up to the true nature of his heart.

    He has facilitated events for Don Jose Ruiz and Jorge Luis Delgado. He has studied under Alberto Villoldo, Sergio Magana, and is a Certified Awakening Dynamic Practitioner.

    "TEO" is just what I've been looking for


    Let’s make sure you are confident and fully committed to what you’re about to experience.

    • A Clarity Session – If I don’t know you, you will need to schedule and pay for a one on one session with me. I want to make sure we are the right fit for each other and you are committed to making an amazing change in your life as well as others. This session will give you a clear understanding of my abilities to help you transform your life.
    • Pre-Trip Group Calls – you’ll have the chance to meet everyone in the group, via ZOOM.  Making sure all the “fine print” is understood and you have all your papers prepared, (passport, airline tickets, COVID test if needed, contact info in case of emergency, trip insurance if you chose) share your intent, and learn how to best prepare yourself for an amazing journey. We will also determine the Double occupancy pairings for rooms at this time.

      The above will be required attendance to go on the trip                         

    • Post-Trip Group Call – Once home and settled back in, we’ll gather via ZOOM to share any post-reentry experiences! Assisting each other in the integration of the new dream and being witness to each person’s transformation.

    I am ready to become my Most Beloved