Toltecnology Sessions

Elite Private Intuitive Healings and Life Guidance


Any traumatic incident leaves an imprint in your energy field. Trauma is defined as an event you could not or were not willing to experience at the time. Traumatic experiences can leave you deep in the victim state of behavior, giving you a sense of desperation, that is difficult to recover from without help. I can work with you to expand out of this state and move you through it so that it becomes a resolved part of your past. 

For the Shaman trauma is to lose touch with your true divine essence. In other words, becoming heartbroken or destroying a sense of self-worth.  Working with a number of tools, I can help you recover lost elements of yourself and create wholeness and help find a sense of completion.

​Imprints of trauma quite often are passed on to us in ancestral patterns. 

PTSD is another intense form of trauma that can be addressed through private TOLTECNOLOGY Sessions. I have seen it have amazing and effective results.


Any medical illness is the manifestation of suppressed or blocked emotional energy.  Our work together will focus on dissolving these blocks and returning the flow of chi so you can return back to vitality and wellness.

Using the energetic models of health, we will also look at the underlying energetic patterns involved. For example, thyroid conditions are governed by disfunction in the throat chakra such as not speaking your truth. Back issues are signs of a lack of support for who you really are.  Cancer is a profound need to forgive yourself or someone else. Fungal infections are the manifestation of resentment.

​Together we can reprogram your DNA so that the highest expression of self is obtained. A reprogramming of your Luminious Light body brings you back to optimum health. Work can be undertaken to help you link up to this higher expression of you. 

Cutting edge medicine shows that our subconscious mind actually affects gene expression, so dealing with underlying emotional beliefs will greatly improve your physical health.

Our emotional vibrations tend to be held in water. Given that the body is largely made up of water, releasing toxic emotions will have immediate results, and give you a sense of miracles at work. 


The secret to more abundance is not working harder, but being open to receive more. Your energetic heart space and mindset determine success. If you are afraid of spending, you won’t create the flow needed to receive. If you are stuck in a survival mindset, you can’t simultaneously be in an abundance mindset.

This service is aimed at people looking to increase the flow of good things into their life. Remembering that what you believe is what you are already; nothing more, nothing less. We will work together to remove energetic beliefs blocking you from the abundance flow that you desire.

Everything contains energy and has a consciousness, including rocks, plants, money, electronic devices, and buildings. Imagine that your company operates in a building where lots of businesses have failed. That lingering energetic imprint will affect your company’s productivity and accomplishments. Through this work, we can clear your beliefs, your employee’s beliefs, as well as optimize the energy of your business space by clearing past lingering vibrations and replace and align the atmosphere for greater prosperity.  It is also possible to clear a property for sale that has staled on the market and align it for immediate purchase. 


This service helps you heal from past relationships, outdated and unhealthy patterns of love, co-dependency, and fear of real intimacy.

Divine love is about becoming the best expression of who you are- becoming the center of your world and then allowing someone else to join you who has done the same work or is vibrating on the same level.

Self-love is an ultimate necessity. One can not give what one doesn’t have. In other words, if you don’t love yourself how can you expect to love someone else.

Finding unconditional loving relationships are precious gifts, reconnecting you with souls with whom you have shared many lifetimes of love. You’ll know if you’re in one.

My Self Love and Above program is focused on healing for your heart space, the true seat of your power. The reuniting of your masculine/feminine energy, your strength of heart and your vulnerable/receptive heart, the clearing of personal/ancestral relationship patterns, the reclaiming of your personal power, and healthy expression of self through becoming vulnerable to life’s divine nature and aligning to receive miracles again. Imagine all the possibilities in this program.


“When working with Bryan the first thing you will notice is a deep calming and grounding presence that holds the space and container for you to show up fully, feel safe and heal. Next you will probably notice his amazing insight and creativity which are perfectly balanced with a logical, patient and thorough approach to your work together. Finally you will notice a caring individual that truly wants to see you become your best self. He is like the ultimate sherpa on your spiritual journey and will guide you to new heights, while keeping you grounded. If you are ready to expand into your highest potential and ready to do your deep inner work, look no further as you have just found the perfect practitioner and guide.”

Matthew C

Los Angeles, CA

“This is my first foray into one on one energy healing and I could not have had a better healer in Bryan. Bryan is very talented, authentic and for me his most valuable attribute is his humility and unassuming demeanor.  He immediately makes you feel comfortable and puts you in a position that is easy to share and open up. His talent lies in his ability to dig deep and uncover the challenges that you need to overcome at the subconscious level. He works tirelessly to remove the blocks and trauma and move you to a better level and place. I always come away feeling better for the experience. He introduced me to his Self Love program and his coaching and explanation is just as valuable as working to improve the subconscious misconceptions. If you are looking to dive into energy healing or just get your toe wet, I highly recommend Bryan to take you through this journey. ”

Devan R

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Bryan, you are making such a difference in my life.  Each week you have opened my eyes to different realms and different vistas.  I feel my energy changing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and perhaps I am gaining an intuitive sixth sense. Lately, I feel like I am growing at supersonic speed. The transformations has been manifesting quicker, deeper, and more profoundly.  I am happier, healthier, stronger, more awake, more purposeful, more confident, and I have come out of retirement at seventy-five to take on new projects.  In your easy-going and friendly manner, your alchemy required so little effort.  I feel like a snake that has shed its skin to facilitate my new growth.  I have shed my skin so many times.  I have become a new and better me repeatedly.  Thank you for preparing me for my new life.  A wonderful gift to bring forth an unprecedented new year!

Jeannette N.

Santa Rosa, CA